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Freight Exchange, Reinvented!

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  • When someone posts freight that match your search criteria it will automatically appear in your search results and you will receive a “sound notification” to make you aware of this event. You don’t have to be permanently with your eyes glued to the search screen anymore!

    You can send price offers directly from your search results. The Freight Forwarder will receive all the bids in their system so you don’t have to call them and you can be sure they will not misplace your phone number or your contact details.

    Our application lets you see what is the best price that was offered by other carriers for a freight, so you always know what competition you are facing.

    There is a chat functionality associated with each shipment for you to be able to ask any questions directly, in writing. All chat history is archived so you can refer to it later.

    All the shipments that you mark as interesting are kept in a single table, regardless of the Search Results Page you find them, in such a manner that you can instantly see every change that appears in their status, without the need to switch between different pages.

    All orders are automatically stored online when a transaction is closed. This empowers you to keep the transaction records in good order, so you don’t ever misplace an order again. You can search the database by multiple criteria and you can download the orders as many times as you need.

    Faxing orders back and forth is way out of fashion! Our software automatically sends the order to both parties involved in the transaction, and you have instant confirmation and a binding contract.

  • Time to free your office form the terror of ringing phones! We automatically centralize all info about the carriers interested in your shipment and the details of their offers, without the need of a single phone call!

    Our application keeps a clear track of your shipments, and all the offers received for each shipment. You don’t need a pen and sticky notes to write down contact numbers for the carriers, because the software takes care of all this for you, automatically!

    There is a chat associated with each offer your receive, so that you can communicate with each individual carrier and keep a clean and clear record of the particularities of each discussion.

    We even included a notepad function for each shipment, so that you can write down any spontaneous info you need to remember, and you will never lose “the paper”

    When a deal is closed all the details associated with that particular freight are saved in your transaction history and the shipment is automatically deleted from the search database. The transaction history can be browsed by multiple criteria so that you can download any order whenever you want, wherever you are.

    You can choose if a shipment is visible to all users or only to your favorite partners! This feature allows you to create a micro-market and sell your shipments only to your own favorite partners (or subcontractors).

    When you receive an offer or a message from a carrier, you can choose to be notified by a sound, so you don’t have to be constantly in front of your computer.

  • Traditional Freight Exchange

    • The freight forwarder introduces a transport request on the website.

    • Truck owners call the planners to make their transport offers.

    • The freight forwarder has to write down the offer details and contact details for each individual offer.

    • The freight forwarder choses the best offer and calls back the transport company that made it, to ask final details.

    • The freight forwarder writes the transport order.

    • Order is sent to the carrier by fax.

    • The carrier have to stamp de order and send it back to the Freight Forwarder.

    • The Freight Forwarder has to manually delete the transport request from the website.

    • The freight forwarder introduces a transport request on the website

    • The carriers will send offers for the shipments they are willing to transport.

    • Freight Forwarders choose the offer they like the most. Transport order is automatically generated and the shipment is automatically deleted from the system.

  • Easy

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    • Access to the freight exchange, limited to 5 deals / month!
    • Notifications
    • Chat
    • 3 months orders backup
    • Max 1 users
    • Always will be free!


    Register Register
    • Unlimited access to the freight exchange!
    • Notifications
    • Chat
    • 1 year orders backup
    • Max 1 users
    • Maps
    • 29 Eur/month (free during beta)


    Register Register
    • Unlimited access to the freight exchange!
    • Notifications
    • Chat
    • Unlimited order history
    • Max 10 Users
    • Maps
    • Private Auction between favorite companies.
    • 59 Eur/month (free during beta)

    * All packages are free during BETA

Freight exchange. Reinvented.

We implement in Freight Exchange Industry much needed online auctioning technology.

To help Truck Owners to find new freights for their empty capacity and to solve the lack of trustworthiness when working with other companies for the first time. For Freight Forwarders we offer an integrated system to optimize the management and communication process between their publised transport requests and the transport offers provided by the Truck Owners.
CargoList as a web platform is envisioned and designed to become a unified EU-Wide marketplace for both local and international transport requests. To submit transport offers on CargoList we offer an efficient process:
1. The Freight Forwarder publishes a transport request on the website.
2. Multiple Truck Owners will send transport offers online, with 1-click bidding system.
3. The Freight Forwarder chooses the offer he likes the most and close the deal, with 2-clicks electronic confirmation system, all documents are generated and distributed automatically.

We're here to help.

In order to use CargoList, you must:
be at least eighteen (18) years old and able to enter into contracts;
complete the registration process;
agree to the Terms of Service;
and provide true, complete, and up to date contact information.

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